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I have experience working with the founders of  Cloudberry in both their capacities of consulting and coaching. Their data-driven approach helped them perfectly understand our needs. They were creative in their solutions and showed  great professionalism, while maintaining a fun atmosphere. Their high quality work resulted in substantial and sustained improvement in the capabilities of our leaders and teams. I would not hesitate to recommend Cloudberry for any HR Consultancy project or coaching engagement.

Caroline Knoeri,

former Head of HR for Google Europe

We met the Lesley from the Cloudberry team when we were in the transition from start-up to scale-up. Naturally this process is related to a lot of challenges and requires great team work, efficient workflows, and the ability to make decisions fast. The team showed us methodologies that were easy to implement and resulted in better team communication and less meeting time. Most importantly, Lesley settled in very easily and with a great sense of humor. It was fun working with her.

Marcel Lorenz,

Founder and CEO, Coffee Annan

Persistent is a venture builder, and we have gone through quite a bit of organization building ourselves last year that the Cloudberry team has helped us to better manage. For one part, they provided unbiased one-on-one coaching to our senior management to help acknowledge the significance of the ongoing changes and shape those changes in a positive way. Then, as our team grew over the course of the year, they proposed and facilitated a team building activity for the entire team that specifically addressed the effectiveness of us working together in a new and expanded configuration. Despite the challenges of conducting the workshop remotely across three continents, thanks to the use of innovative technology such as Jamboard and to their extensive experience facilitating workshops across distributed teams, the Cloudberry founders easily created an atmosphere of trust, openness and engagement throughout the sessions. As we prepare for next year, we are looking forward to continuing our engagement.

Jens Godat,

COO at Persistent

I can highly recommend Cloudberry to anybody looking to do some work around company culture & values that goes way beyond power points or post-it notes and really gets deep into the fabric of what makes a company and its people successful!

Jenny Woods,

COO at Orderfox

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Logos of companies we've partner with: Google, Meta, Fairiq, Mysa, Aleno, Altech, Orderfox, Avaloq, Polarton, Xempus, Dfinity, Persistent, Fortis, On
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